Speedball VS Woodsball

In the game of paintball, speedball and woodsball are 2 contrasting styles of playing. One is for experienced and competitive players, whereas the other is for those looking for a good time and less of a competitive atmosphere.


Speedball is typically played on a flat field, with inflatable obstacles used for cover. A team starts on either side and at the start of the game they both run out. The speedball markers vary tremendously in power and attributes. Some have burst shots, others simply have a huge balls per minute count. Usually, these paintball guns cost higher prices, but it is worth it because the markers have great reviews and perform well.


Woodsball is more often played in forests or outdoor settings with obstacles. This is a better setting for newer players or those just looking to have a good time with their friends. The guns you use are often of lower quality but have more customization and extras to put on. You will often encounter trees, rocks, boulders, dirt, and streams when playing in this kind of setting. So you’ll want to make sure to wear adequate clothing that you aren’t afraid to get dirty.


Both types of games are loads of fun, just make sure you know which one you are headed to next time you play paintball with your buddies, and adjust accordingly both mentally and physically.